The ‘100’

Today we were given the brief for this term which was about questioning how I approach drawing and how the perception of drawing had changed. It will help me understand why we use drawing to communicate.

First we had a discussion on what we did over the summer for our 100 drawings. As I stuck to being monochrome and simply observational my results in comparison to my peers were lacking a style.

We then went on to develop our drawings to change the scale by making a viewfinder.


We then enlarged a section of our drawing that we found interesting which was challenging as my drawings was not very complex. This meant that once enlarged from the viewfinder the results were rather abstract.

We then used ink to redraw the selected part into a A3 drawing. I found it hard to stay with my theme as we was not observing anything yet I feel that a change of theme would be good for this project. I can still use observational drawing as a way of documentation yet not as a single theme for my series of works I will be creating. I enjoyed being able to step back from my theme and create these ink drawings and see how they changed.

Then we selected drawings for display and arrangement. We looked at how the light and dark imagery should contrast together and they all showed a different story linking me to the theme of narrative.

From here I used my scraps of paper to recreate my drawings into a more abstract outcome.

cut outs.jpg

The ‘100’

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