Ext. Diploma in Graphic Arts


To start this term off we were given a task to complete over the summer. This involved 100 monochrome drawings with a theme of your choice. I decided to choose the theme ‘observation’ as it is something I love to do and would be doing a lot of it over the holidays. The way people act in situations has always been an interest of mine as well as psychology which is a possible direction for research. I found out there was different types of people- ones that sit by the pool and read, others listen to  music, others that stand by watching people, some are in the pool just swimming and the ones that play water-polo and other games in the water. This task was challenging due to having to question my style of drawing and to understand my reasoning for choosing to observe these people.


I originally wanted to do typography alongside my drawings but felt the task was challenging enough. I struggled to make my drawings diverse so during it I thought about doing my project based on objects we use on holiday, yet that didn’t have enough meaning to me.

From group discussion I found that I view drawing very negatively due to not being great at drawing which I felt is the reason my 100 drawings look mainly rushed and sketched. My drawings were mainly either line drawings or detailed drawings so they looked very similar to eachother. Due to working monochrome I used ink, pencil, charcoal, water colour and sharpie.  I found that ink was the best media to use to achieve the best results due to being able to change the tone and how it can be unpredictable depending on the brush. Also, I tried to use different materials and as I was on holiday there was always napkins available which made some results unpredictable due depending on the media used.


Ext. Diploma in Graphic Arts

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