Final Evaluation

Asher Foster 1882031872

I started the FMP by thinking about how I could change the perspective of other people in a contemporary culture on their views of nature in a social aspect. My specialism was in analogue graphics however this developed into a more digital specialism through the use of video, sound and layering the use of 2D and 4D.

I began my research by going to my space and documenting through; photographs, video recordings, sound recordings and the gathering of textures. My space is a nature reserve that is a forest with a nearby beach. It used coppicing which is a method of protecting and tidying up a nature reserve. This got me thinking about the layering of branches and how I could use layering in my work. From there I read the book Design as Art by Bruno Munari and was inspired by his quote “To complicate is simple but to simplify is complicated.” This inspired me to start making simple shapes that could lead to enlarged patterns. This introduced me to Margret Berg. She works with simple shapes and colours to create designs. This got me to look at how I can use light colours and to use my simple shapes with this style of working. When I revisited my space I found Grayson Perry’s Dream House. This gave me a new perspective of my space and how someone else would go about using it. Then, I watched a documentary informing me of his vision behind the house and he shown it through storytelling. This helped me go on and create experimental pieces and pop-up experiments with the thought of telling a story of my space with the reason behind that the contemporary culture should be more involved in these spaces. Although, I was introduced to a new documentary called, “My Beautiful Broken Brain”. This documentary used glitches and vibrant splashes of colour to show the experience the girl went through. This was inspired by David Lynch as he worked in directing films such as Twin Peaks Red Room which she was reminded of throughout her experience. This gave me the idea of connecting with my audience through using films and glitches in my work alongside quotes that I asked my peers about their experience of nature. Their views surprised me as they were very positive towards being with nature when in society it has always seen as “uncool” within my age range.

My work began by making experiments through ink based work that was done in my sketchbook. These then developed to wire with the use of line drawings of flowers. However, these were difficult to make as it takes time and is tough to do continuously and quickly. You have to be patient and it was hard to develop further other than using embroidery in relation to Lisa Kokin. Then I started thinking about other ways I could use flowers. So I used spray paint and flowers to create an outline of this using card. Most people had positive reactions to them yet they weren’t giving off the theme of a Sanctuary. I looked at the artist Lynne Avadenka, Avadenka made me think about what I have been most successful with which was typography. So I used the spray paint and created my own typeface. I used keywords that were said in my interviews yet I found that again, the spray paint didn’t give off the impression of a sanctuary. So from there I used ink with type to add colour to my work. This helped me give off the right message I was hoping for. With the typography however, I still wanted to pursue layering which is what got me to make print blocks. Instead of printing them in the print room I wanted to have something that looked fairly free so I used the print blocks with ink on card.

Overall, I wanted to communicate that everyone finds nature calming and relaxing; it shouldn’t be seen as “uncool” and it should be something that is respected. To show this I made a video of Wrabness, sounds of Wrabness, voice recordings of interviews and layering of my work over top. I felt this video was successful at giving my message across due to it being informative and a piece that pulls the audience in. Also, I had a collection of acetate pieces alongside my imagery with a projection overtop that used the same spray paint technique with flowers except I used daisies instead of roses. I got feedback for this which was that they liked the layering and how the text was displayed which was what I was trying to accomplish with this piece. Also, I was given the keywords; relaxing, open, purity and layering; which is what I wanted to accomplish with this. This year I have developed my understanding of graphics and learnt about new methods of working. My first personal project involved typography and a political theme of feminism. This guided my development and my experimentation as I had not explored the print room or type as a form of working. This then helped me with this FMP as I worked with making type into 4D which I wouldn’t have previously approached until now as this involved using moving image which I wasn’t that confident in. Next year, I want to develop my use of typography as it has been my strongest skill that I enjoy using and will allow different ways of presenting my work which would be more interesting visually. The use of moving image was effective towards my audience an further exploration of this work would challenge me further.

Final Evaluation

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