11th Week reflection 04/06/2016

Tuesday was spent sowing onto pictures as I wanted to do some experiments relating to Melissa Zexter as she sows into pictures of people and environments. I wanted to use my primary research and incorporate the idea of story telling through using natural shapes (leaves and flowers) to represent nature. Although, if I did the embroidery on images like man-made buildings it would have creates a juxtaposition which would have given off my message a lot clearer. Zexter uses embroidery to emphasise identity and femininity. Whereas I wanted to emphasise how we are rejecting nature through having built up man-made areas to having the need for large nature reserves in selected areas. I found this process challenging and the outcome would have been more effective if the images were lighter so you could see the stitching clearer.

Wednesday I started a video to help with my development which is coming together well. I have added the small videos, sounds of wrabness then I spent this time editing the voice clips and playing with special effects like pitch.  Also, I made experimental pages into acetate pages; with these I want to make a zine book including typography. This would show my analogue experimentation but through a media that can reach my audience of contemporary culture. I changed how I was going to approach my project through this as I originally wanted it to be through an all analogue process with untouched digital. Yet, once I thought about the message I am trying to give off it made more sense to have the analogue in this format. Although, the original message has changed slightly from contemporary culture being against nature and not as connected to it, yet due to interviews I have found that most people react to nature as a peaceful place that they just wouldn’t share with another person.

Thursday I furthered my editing by adding a clip of me walking around wrabness at my feet. Though, this was still bland so I added my experimental work overtop of the video that make the video look like there is a glitch throughout. The glitching video is inspired by my beautiful broken brain. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2016/mar/19/my-beautiful-broken-brain. Which was described as David Lynch’s…… http://decider.com/2016/03/25/why-you-should-watch-my-beautiful-broken-brain/

http://sophie-robinson.com/about/ lotje sodderland

Experimental work like this:


Saturday I used my block prints and printed with inks to make patterns. I plan to make them into acetate then overlay them onto of primary research images.

Sunday I sowed into pictures and wire into fabric. I found that the pictures took a lot of time and the end result you couldn’t see clearly. Wire into fabric helped

wire into fabric


Finish video by adding title and any extra effects


11th Week reflection 04/06/2016

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