Revisiting my proposal

At the start of this project we make a project proposal which I said I would specialise in analogue graphics. I have explored around analogue graphics through work done in a storybook which I need to write about. I have stuck to using Wrabness as inspiration of my project and have done a lot lot of small sketchbook work but not enough furthering of ideas. It has mainly been using simplifying of shapes and extending weave and spray paint. I wanted to explore pop-up and I have done some experimentation with this but find it challenging to extend any further.

I explained in the proposal that I wished to look at print room techniques but due to choosing different workshops than I originally intended it has been more analogue through Stewarts workshop and more based on pattern due to Aerons. I hope to still use print however through print blocks and typography.

I have looked at Juhl Hansens work yet it has only inspired me through the use of mixed media experimentation. Lisa Kokin …..

Also, I wanted to reflect on my blog which I have done throughout. I just need to make connections of my research and work and make my research more obvious on both my sketchbook and blog.

I now wish to explore analogue through making various experiments with booklets. Putting work together into a zine. Talking about my artists- how they have been selective and useful. I wish to finish a video and show how people naturally are connected to nature and find it peaceful yet do not like to share the experience with others.

Revisiting my proposal

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