10th week Reflection 30/05/2016

On Tuesday I photographed my best work for my portfolio and  unit 9 work which was comparing portfolios with what they do well which helped me have an understanding of what my portfolio should be like professionally.  It made me think that for it to have most impact of my work has to have a subject like analogue graphics so a potential client can look at my work and understand what I do and whether they want me for the job.

On Wednesday I cut up some wood to make some print blocks and some foam which I glued with pva and left it over night. I chose to do these with the simple continuous shapes I have been using throughout my project. To extend on last weeks realisation of the project not going as well as I hoped I decided to make lettering for spray paint.

On Thursday I began editing my videos and voice clips on the macs. I mainly worked on the voice clips and overlayed them so they answer the same questions together. I was advised to add an extra clip of me walking around Wrabness to fill in the gaps that my photos have- with this I could overlay that with the other videos as it makes a more mystical effect. I added varnish to my blocks for printing and leaving them to dry over the weekend and I hope to print with these next week as well as do some typography. I also made my flickr portfolio which now that it is up looks more typography based than anything which links into what I am thinking of doing in the future.

On Friday I made more lettering using quotes from interviews with key words like; calming, trees, fields, birds and grass. Then on Saturday I made some videos of me walking around Wrabness to extend on my video. Also, I spray painted using the type that I made. Although, I found that because I only had black and white spray paint meant that the results looked very dark and actually juxtaposed the meaning of the words that I was meant to. If mixed with acetate then on a projector would make a bigger effect due to them being so bold; yet I still think there needs to be colour involved.

On Sunday I decided to play with colour and type using ink.

The colour overlayed with my spraypaint would give off a better idea.

This week I want to develop my work through creating a zine and editing my video. Also, I need to go to the printroom to develop my Margret Berg inspired work as well as Marianne Keating’s work.

I will make my artist research more obvious by making clear posts of the artists that have inspired most.

10th week Reflection 30/05/2016

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