Ninth Week 23/05/2016

On Monday I tried to start on my research book to show my connections visually and how I have used their work to create my own ideas through theirs.

On Tuesday I did some experiments with how Abigail Reynold approaches her use of photographs by playing with shapes on black and white with colour. I tried to cut up shapes like she does but instead of raising parts I decided to keep them flat to show the contrast of colours. I got feedback on the first image which was that it was like an illusion with how when you look at certain parts of the image you think they match up yet when you look closely they don’t. After I decided to overlay the second image with the colour image I cut out. I like how the to images look like the same but if you look close they aren’t.

Wednesday and Thursday I tried to update my bibliography, all I need to do with it now is to put it in alphabetical order.

Next week, I hope to explore typography as after revisiting my proposal I realised that I need more development work which I do best through type, this can then be linked with analogue. I wish to explore how I could use acetate and how I can explore the use of pages, instead of sticking to a typical magazine style.

Ninth Week 23/05/2016

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