Progress update 20/05/2016

So far my project has not been as successful as I hoped due to the lack of research and context analysis throughout. I realised I could have approached this project differently by looking at daily anxieties, especially on the bus. I would have achieved this through recording thoughts and feelings on the bus and general social situations I struggle with daily. I’m thinking of doing this as a project in the future as I feel the outcome could bring out different views of other people.

On Monday I received tutor feedback which made me think about how I need to start connecting research to my work but also gave me ideas on how I should start approaching my project in a more fun experimental way. Through typography I can make my project stronger as my previous feminist project was my most experimental project and contextual overall. With this I can thoroughly experiment through a variety of methods like spray paint, letter distortion, print making and then I can put my previous experimental work with typography to give a powerful message across. This message being- we all secretly like being with wildlife, but alone for relaxation.

This means that I need to research typography in spray paint, print and general lettering. Yet, still be making connections with my artists of my current work to show where the inspiration and experimentation has come from.

Progress update 20/05/2016

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