Nature vs Nurture

This is a debate between wether a persons development of who they are is mainly effected  by their genes or the way they are brought up in particular environments. I wanted to look at how nature and nurture can effect my project as everyone is brought up differently which leads to different opinions. Just like how people have different ideas of a sanctuary.

John Watson believes strongly that nurture can overcome nature through the theory that if you were chose a child from a group of infants you would be able to train them to be ready for any occupation no matter its personal talents.

Nature is about how we have different traits to each other e.g eye colour and hair colour. Also, personality, intelligence, likes and dislikes.

Also, introverted and extroverted people are factored in this too. More introverted are more likely to go to places like county sides due to spending time alone is their recharge time where as extroverts have the need to recharge by being social with other people.

Nature vs Nurture

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