Seventh Week 8/5/16

This week I have researched Abigail Reynold and Francisca Prieto. They work with colour and black and white imagery of popular buildings that bring back memories. I have also stuck imagery into a new book, from previous briefly looked at artists, to show connections of my research and how I can make the research relevant to the project. This will help me and others understand what has influenced my choices. Also, did audio recording with Lauren and Mel exploring my theme and how people think about the countryside.

On Wednesday we worked from photos to show our theme. I found this unsuccessful and that I should have worked from my artists imagery to make links of my work. To do this I would have used Abigail Reynold as inspiration collaging with the paper and using her pop up art style as a way of juxtaposition.

Thursday was spent learning knitting techniques and struggled due to the process needing a mathematical mind which with my bad memory was unsuccessful and frustrating. Though if i were to go further with this technique I could dye the material and play with different fabrics.

I want to make connections between my artists work to show how my work can be developed using them as inspiration.
I want to interview more people to help understand the importance of nature and why my generation has the idea of nature being ‘uncool’.
I want to start analyzing imagery to make connections using key words.

Seventh Week 8/5/16

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