eighth week 15/05/2016

Monday I interviewed Alice and Frankie for my project. I’m finding so far the responses have been very positive towards nature as most people find it a peaceful space to be in. Its made me think about how the idea that my generation find it ‘uncool’ is more of a stereotype than anything else. I could explore this idea of it being a stereotype then question others on it. Although, I know personally I wouldn’t go out of my way to go on countryside walks without my parents making me.

On Tuesday I developed my photos from my spray paint even further by making use of the cut outs I had previously.As this method was on paper it was hard to not rip the paper and make sure the images were on top of each other in the right place. Also, these colours are not directly matching my colour scheme but still look similar to my inks which I could use to interpret these in a different way. Also, with the other images I  tried to experiment with image and weave. I found the outcome was not as successful as I hoped, yet I could try to change it to black and white on the photocopier to develop this and you may be able to see the outlines more. This methd took some time due to the risk of the paper ripping and that you wanted it as straight as possible.

Thursday we worked with creating pattern and how it is all about layering, form and extracting. I could create more of these on larger scale or enlarging parts of a previous painting made. These look very rushed at the start  through me playing about with imagery through my book until my last pattern. The last pattern looks like it would look like it can easily be repeated but also reminds me of something tribal. This makes me think about whether tribes have a deeper connection to nature than we do which means they may have more respect for nature.

Make more patterns on large scale and enlarge parts of them to create patterns. Also, look into tribes beliefs.

eighth week 15/05/2016

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