Abigail Reynold and Francisca Prieto

Abigale Reynold wanted to trigger memories through her work. She done this by creating photos of famous buildings and then building onto them through black and white imagery mixed with coloured imagery that is risen. She doesn’t like to use imagery that are personal to her but personal to a wide audience. She doesn’t take photos herself to ensure the photo is detatched from anything personal. This relates to my project ad I’m trying to figure out other people’s interpretation of nature and how they react to it. If I create imagery around this then I can ask peoples views of it, have a discussion and maybe record it to have a deeper understanding.

“I think all my work is about time but I use place because time is an abstract concept.”


I also researched Francesca Prieto as she worked with Reynolds on a project. Their styles are very similar so you can see how these two work differently. Prieto mainly works with foldings of paper whereas Reynolds works with photos and capturing a story within them. I found that their work together was more powerful due to mixing the colour with folding techniques that Prieto uses. It made their style have more structure to it without the business of trying to read Prieto’s scraps of writing she used as paper or the angles of Reynolds. Instead it helped you focus and understand the story and made the audience more open minded about the reasoning for this piece which is what Reynolds wanted from her work.


abigail n fran


I tried to interpret Francesca Prieto’s work through the use of shapes, cuts and folds. This method took a lot of time especially with the card being hard to fold. I ran out of painted card. To improve this process I could paint on thinner paper and use cut outs of imagery to show a theme of hiding and exposing which looks at my theme of storytelling. I could use my photography in this method to show this as well.

research further





Abigail Reynold and Francisca Prieto

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