Sixth week 30/4/16 EDITCOMPLETE)

Last week I set myself goals of gathering textures, going to Firstsite and making artist comparisons. Also, developing work through the photocopier. I haven’t started gathering textures due to weather conditions but I can explore this over any period of time. As i’m no longer using the print room as a main part of my project gathering textures is not as important currently. I have made artist comparisons on Wednesday but the file wont work on my laptop to upload yet.

I developed this work from my spray painting of the flowers. To start this development I changed the copier settings. I made them in blue, green, pink, black and yellow. These are all colours that can be seen in my primary photos. from there I cut these images up an stuck them on the original photocopy. With the leftovers I folded the bits of paper and stuck them down. I wanted to play with form and colour.  I could try using inks and paint on these.

Monday I got a book for my analogue workshop. Also, we went to first site for Andy Warhol’s exhibition.

Hattie Stewart-

She uses media to create her work, much like Warhol did. She uses the commercial art world through big brands. She uses playful Pop art through doodling on magazine covers. It shows how there is constant celebrity imagery in the media. The work I was most impressed with was her use of a technique called lenticular printing. Which means when you look at different angles of the image you see new information. I went again with my family ……… add quote

Andy Warhol-

The images I took are of my favourite that I saw. The first 3 made most impact on me. I could look into doing my book in these styles. I don’t like a lot of colour in work his work. I got told about Valerie Solanas who worked for ‘S.C.U.M’ ( The Society for Cutting Up Men) which is an extremest group who shot and tried to kill Andy Warhol in 1968. He said “Before I was shot, I always thought that I was more half-there than all-there”.

Tuesday I started experimentation with pop-up paper craft. I could use this technique to tell story. I could develop this through.. use in my book. Using (name of book) I started developing the technique.

On Wednesday I tried developing ideas which is when I started to make comparisons and looking at pop-up artists.

On Thursday I developed my colour pallet as my original was not against the image, I wish to use all colours chosen as I’m not making an exact colour due to lighting through the change of  greens and blues. After this we cut our colour pallet apart into strips and started weaving. I found this was a long process that I wish to develop using different techniques through folding at different angles, taking away parts of it, exploring through fabrics and playing with the patterns I could make.

So far my peers are surprised by how much work I have already done and like my colour pages, pages where I have cut out parts, built onto through layering and simple exploration of form and colour in different ways. Its been suggested to me to start looking into these ideas and developing them further using the photocopier and making them larger.


I need to develop my work further through artists analysis, comparisons with my ideas and more in depth experimentation.

My exploration of scale can challenge me to question the impact of how my message can be given across. Through enlargement of  my work it can make a viewer feel they cannot get away from the message. With smaller scale it can easily be lost with too much information around the subject. Yet, I could enlarge a small part of my work then take visual language from this image.

Exploring fabric and weaving would help me use a new media through looking into creating texture and other physical visual language.


Sixth week 30/4/16 EDITCOMPLETE)

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