Grayson Perry’s A House For Essex

Grayson Perry was born in Chelmsford, Essex in March, 1960.”Having clothes custom-made and building a relationship with a designer is way more satisfying than buying on the high street. It’s great to support young talent too.” I wanted to look at Perry’s work as his project is a part of my space. This shows how he used the space and created a project from this and Essex.

This documentary was about a house Grayson Perry created from his imagination. He felt that he always had a desire to build a church- something that is very spiritual. Also, he wanted to tell a story that a cathedral does without it being traditionally religious while still having the spiritual feel.

Garyson Perry

As he thought about this, his idea developed into designs of a quirky looking house; it would be his only shot at creating a house. He wanted to embody Essex to give it a good image by telling a mythical story of a woman who lived in Essex and how her life developed.

Grayson Perrys Dream House Channel 4 (wk21) handout … Grayson Perry

The deeper reason behind this story was that he wanted to rewrite his mothers life and show the goodness of women and how they can all potentially become the woman they hoped they would. Overall, it became a celebration of what everyone goes through in life.


Peoples views of the house away from Perry have been very much that it’s not to their taste yet it still is a respected building. My personal view of the space was that inside the house it is rather chaotic but I understand the message. Due to being from Essex myself I understand the importance of the message with it being that over time you can change and become the person you like. For me I would like to get out of Essex but Essex is still a part of my life and story.

Grayson Perry’s A House For Essex

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