Fifth Week 23/04/16

I started this week with simplifying some leaf designs and playing with line, shape, form and colour. I started a colour pallet on A3 that uses yellows, blues and greens. I love how the colours came out, especially the texture on the page created a rough scratchy surface. When I was trying to simplify the leaves I found it difficult- mainly due to not using individual leaves. If I made the designs smaller it may help.

From there I cut up shapes of leaves and stick shapes. These were made from simple leaf designs I previously drew. I found his an easy way to come up with quick page designs which I could go and develop using photoshop/ copier/ textiles.

I also created some spray paint using the spare flowers I had. I love the texture of spray paint. Also, the way it becomes all patchy and makes an uneven effect. I found that if you layer different levels it creates an effect that reminds me of an image where you get colourful light coming from an angle. my least successful was the image on the right yet the details of the stem came through well. From here I can play about with the photo copier then make edits from there. I may even scan through into photoshop and play with different effects on the image.


I still need to revisit my space to get textures in the area. I also wish to get more primary research by going to FirstSite with the Andy Warhol Exhibit. I need to make comparisons of my artists and start seeing how there work would be useful to my ideas.

Fifth Week 23/04/16

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