Fourth Week 17/04/2016

This week we have been focusing on doing our personal statement which has got me thinking about what I want to do with my project in relation to  specialism. Also, we focused on our mood board.

The challenge with presenting the mood board was ensuring it was structured and had all the information needed in it. Each time I practiced I either missed a small part of information that linked into what I was going to say or I left out something I felt was needed. Yet, the mood board itself made me think about what I really want the project to be about. I found that my inspiration was mainly coming from briefly researched artists and my primary research mentioned in previous posts. After doing this I feel I have a deeper meaning behind the space and how I wish to use it- through mainly using the plants as inspiration and making it into something new for a publication.

My proposal on the other hand has made me consider different approaches to this project my looking into contemporary culture and the social side of the space. The idea that in this culture they react to natural environments in different ways.

Stuarts lesson taught me how I can explore ideas in my chosen area by looking at the environment of my space. It gave me an understanding of what sounds I could record to create the environment of the space. It helped me think about the publication with how I could create page designs.


Over the weekend I collected more primary research through primary pictures and videos. My comparison of artists will be explored on a weekly basis when using methods they work with then make comparisons over the weeks.

Need to

Go back to space to gather textures and make sketches of the space. Make a large colour pallet then work with patterns from this. Also I want to work with leaves I collected and simplify their form. I need to upload videos and images of primary research

Fourth Week 17/04/2016

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