Third Week 10/04/2016

For this week I have started working on some goals I have set myself. I have began some artist research which I hope to further more with explaining how they are useful and comparing them with the other artists and their quotes and beliefs.

I have started to work on a very basic colour pallet through the use of- brush pens and water colour pencils. I hope to further this pallet through using paints on A3 sheets and cutting up shapes.

As I have started designing through layering it has shown me that I need to narrow down my colour pallet to mainly greens, blacks, yellows and the occasional bright colour like pinks/light blues. I need to start developing through simplifying to have a larger understanding of what I want to express through my work.


Through this simple exploration, I have began looking at form and how I can simply change it. I hope to develop this by using Bruno Munari’s methods of simplifying an object (in this case a leaf or flower) and exploring different ways of designing them. Not only have I looked at form but I have began looking at how I can use texture through the use of bubble wrap and ink. With the ink I have used a method called black washing which is using mainly water and very little ink onto the paper.


The use of the ink and bubble wrap was a simple messy method which reminded me of Juhl Hansen’s work and her constant use of layering and story telling. This method would be an interesting way to interpret what opinions people have on nature and how they would express it.


Also, last week I gave myself the goal of starting some line and wire drawing for flowers. These were rough sketches and I want to do more over the weeks. The wire drawings gave me an idea of creating  block prints of different types of leaves and flowers then playing around with the design. I found doing the wire drawing difficult and challenging but an improvement on my previous work with wire.

The use of wire gave it more of a personal feel to the design. The process is very fiddly yet could be used more effectively. I would like to use Lisa Kokin’s way of working through using book pages sown onto it or even fabrics. Even covering the wire with fabric and making flower bouquets.  Onto the page with the flowers I may add the simple colours of black, green and yellow to start identifying with a colour pallet. Also, I feel I need to be more experimental with my material. This would give me a more varied approach as I love the mixed media style.


Overall I have completed the tasks set from last week and feel that it all just needs to be simplified and developed more. I need to think more about the inspiration I’m taking from the artists researched; when I complete my moodboard it would be easier to relate from and give me more of an idea of how I could express emotion through my work.


I want to simplifying objects in relation to Bruno Munari. I also need to  make comparisons with my artists to show their significance of them. I hope to test wire flowers with book pages/fabrics in relation to Lisa Kokin. I still need to complete my moodboard.

Third Week 10/04/2016

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