Artist Research 09/04/2016

Fiona Watson

“I have lived in Scotland most of my life, but was born in Newfoundland and later lived  in Rhode Island, USA then London UK.” She currently works in the Glasgow Print Studio.

Fiona works with etching, digital artwork, collage, photography, short films and land art. She thinks “Photography used to be a means to an end for use in painting and printmaking, but is now very important to me.” To get her out of writers block “seeing other artists working will usually spur me into action. If that doesn’t work then it’s trashy magazines, chocolate,  ironing and kittens on youtube”.

Artists she is inspired by are Jenny Saville , Georgia O’Keefe, Julia Cameron, Mary Newcomb, Swoon,. As a child, Andrew Wyeth and Andy Warhol. Things that inspire her work; sea, sky,  graffiti, puddles,  rubbish,  old paint on walls, snippets of conversation, billboards, lines from songs, random newspaper headlines, the superficial, the glib, the flippant,  out of thin air, things misread or misheard.

I could use this by editing my images and blocking parts of this images out using the similar shapes she does; rectangles, circles and forms.

Melissa Zexter

Her process is using hand-sewn embroidery with photography. She tries to represent and explore identity and representations of femininity.  She photographs people, using both traditional black and white techniques and digital processes.

My inspiration include maps, the ocean, antique samplers, 19th century American silhouettes, family snapshots, vintage fabric design. My artistic inspiration comes primarily from photographers work(ed) in black and white photography – mostly portraits, street photography and documentary photography, not so much textile artist – for example Diane Arbus, Weegee, Brassai, Lisette Model, Robert Frank, Man Ray, E.J. Bellocq, Walker Evans. I also like american photographers Alec Soth, William Eggleston, and so many more. I also really love the work of textile artists Sheila Hicks and Lenore Tawney.”

I want to explore the use of embroidery and how it can change the meaning of the image.


Ignacio Canales Aracil

to show the plants and flowers which represent the better the spirit of the garden in a different place where you wouldn’t expect to find it.”


Yayoi Kusama

Surrealism, Minimalism, Pop art, the Zero and Nul movements, Eccentric Abstraction and Feminist art. Explores through painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, performance, film, printmaking, installation and environmental art, literature, fashion and product design. Her inspiration comes from hallucinations which she has suffered since childhood. Uses lots of space to express herself through her art.

Her use of shapes and colours draws people into her sculptural work. Her use of space intrigues me as it helps give off the idea of a hallucination/dream.


Juhl Hansen 

She uses mixed media throughout her work with constant experimentation. Using; Typography, paint, sketches and layering.

“My best projects have a recurring single graphic design and yet a lot of stories hidden around in the many layers” 

I wanted to look at her due to her experimental work with inks, type, nature and imagery which I will be exploring in my work.

Juhl Hansen

Lisa Kokin

I work mainly with found materials such as old books and ephemera, and more recently thread and found textiles. I have used everything from lace to rusty shovels.”

“My most recent body of work incorporates zipper fragments that are stitched to fabric or connected by thread to form book pages in which the zippers are the text.”

“I have been described as a textile artist, a book artist, an installation artist, a Jewish artist, a woman artist, a political artist, a conceptual artist.”

Maria Lai is an artist whose work I discovered recently while researching an assignment for a class I teach in my studio. Maria Lai was an Italian artist who used sewing and asemic text in her work and I find her work simply incredible. I also love the work of Annette Messager, Christian Boltanski, El Anatsui,Leonardo Drew, Louise Bourgeois, Doris Salcedo, Eva Hesse, James Castle, Nick Cave and William Kentridge

I like the use of nature telling a story which I can interpret.

Lisa Kokin.jpg

Eva eun-sil Han

My work has involved the creation of conceptually based psychological objects and I use many geometric lines which helps me express my subconscious mind.”

She collages photographs both her own and others and uses abstract drawing and painting onto the paper. Her work is left untitled leaving us guessing on what she was trying to express. She mainly tries to give off emotion using photos of body parts then collages over top.

Her work inspires me through the use of collage and how it changes the environment in the image used. She uses newspapers, magazines or old books in her work and avoids using computers as she likes the natural feel.

“all I need is my Exacto knife, scissors, glue and papers and my subconscious mind. With the collage the unexpected happens.”


Artist Research 09/04/2016

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