Second week 4/4/16

sketch flowerThese are the sketches I did the week before by looking at a flower bouquet.The pictures I have took so far of the flowers have been unsuccessful due to the lighting and positioning. I could try doing it next time by creating a backdrop using white paper and having it in a space that would be easy to use. For the sketches, I looked at the artist Margret Berg who does patterns using flowers, leaves and watercolour. This would help me develop my ideas and give me a starting point.

Margret Berg is an illustrator that is influenced by nature which my project will be influenced by through colour, pattern, shape, texture and form. She uses this inspiration to create work of books, magazines, packaging, greeting cards, stationery, giftware, textiles, tech accessories, wall décor, drinkware, ceramics, murals and more.


What I like about her work is her use of watercolour which still looks polished for the design which I could accomplish through editing it in illustrator. She also changes her work into designs and patterns that are colourful and well presented through the layout chosen. I like how these patterns would suite anything from a magazine to a card design which makes me think I could explore different ways of presenting my patterns and ideas in a useful way and could be a potential product. Fitting in the the theme of Space invaders  I could think of the space as a way of presentation which also makes me think about scale. Her work sticks to a small scale which on a larger scale could make a larger impact for example her using her designs as wallpapers or even a large poster can suite the way she works. I can explore scale and film the process and outcomes to help connect more with the audience. I liked this about Heather Hanson’s work when expressed herself through movement which gave the piece more meaning and helped there be more connection with the artist. I was doing a lot of drawing in my sketchbooks to music, like dancing but just with my hands on small scale. Then I went to the beach with my son and we were playing in the sand and I was drawing with my toes. That’s kind of when I realised I should go bigger and do this with my whole body. It’s been a long process of discovery finding out what I think looks good and what just looks messy.” I like that she started exploring scale in her work too which lead her to do what she does. I feel that there needs a middle ground like she says about it not being too messy which could become a problem for me when I try discovering scale.

For primary research I took pictures of Wrabness. These helped me have more varied inspiration. I could use these for a colour pallet, ideas, shapes and texture. From the images you can see that I have already started to look at a colour pallet and trying to come up with ideas of how I could use these images. It helped me think about how I can try to express how I feel about the place. Whenever I visit there it feels magical and like a sanctuary.

This week I used the old flowers and pressed them. I thought about the greenery in Wrabness and how if I could it would be a place would frame so I interpreted it in this way.

To further exploration of this I could try using fabrics, paper, wire and more. I found this hard to work with however as its such a delicate method and I have found it hard to keep them from falling apart. Yet, now I have seen how this method works and looks I can take inspiration from this and work from it through texture and the change of colour.

Last week I discussed how I wish to interview people about their opinions and views which I still wish to do. Questions I would ask people are;

  • Did you go on walks during your childhood?
  • If so did you enjoy them?
  • What emotions did that bring back?
  • What brings back memories of these?
  • Do you go on walks currently?
  • Do you enjoy them?
  • What evokes emotions and memories when you go on them?
  • Did you ever go on picnics?
  • If so what did you take for a picnic?
  • What do you think a typical picnic entails?
  • Do you go on these picnics with friends or family or on a date?
  • Do you get inspired by nature?


I may use these through filming or recording depending on what people are comfortable with.

New goals for week 3

I wish to make a basic colour pallet to help me come up with designs that link more with surroundings of nature. I also want to start doing mark making to make connections with my artists and to come up with basic ideas. I want to explore further into line and wire drawing which we briefly looked at in my portraiture project. This would help me come up with simple designs of flowers and leaves as complicated designs are hard to make with wire. For my mood board I still need to print my pictures. I need to start developing my artist research to come up with ideas on how I can use their influence as a direction for my work.


Second week 4/4/16

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