Week 1 (Workshops and Ideas) 24/3/2016

On Tuesday afternoon we discussed what spaces evoked emotional connections within us. I found that most people had responses that didn’t surprise me as they were normal reactions. We created a simple mood board of things that would express your own sanctuary- mine involved a lot of greenery of nature and some tropical images of small boats and small houses in the sea nearby an island. This got me really thinking about how connected I feel with nature but also helped me understand more about how I can create my mood board.



On Wednesday we discussed personal space and how it is mainly used for safety. As a society we have created proxemics which is about social distances.

<0.5m>  < 0.5-1.5m > < 1.5-3m > < over 3m >

Intimate      Personal         Social          Public 

0.5m meant there was a level of trust whereas 3m was more about safety- the idea of being able to get away if a situation went badly. We had to pick partners and stand facing eachother. From there we had to stare into eachothers eyes and walk slowly towards each other. Even though I’m comfortable with the person we had a personal zone of 0.58m, this was the highest in the group, but that was mainly because I have never been comfortable with personal space even with people I have known since childhood. This could be a reason I am so connected with nature and how it is a sanctuary for me as it’s a way to get away from human interaction. This is why the idea of getting on a bus everyday is challenging in itself. I could use this idea of nature and sanctuary in my work.

I want to also link this idea with a documentary I watched on Thursday called ‘My beautiful broken brain’. It is about a girl who is extremely smart and artistic who films everything she does. I’m thinking about including filming into my blog, just small parts that I feel connected to nature because it went quiet for a second or that I’m in an area that doesn’t show that anyone has really interacted with it. With this documentary, you find out she has a stroke. Yet, she uses her artistic ability and films most days of her recovery and just thoughts throughout her process. A part of this documentary was when she went to France for a holiday and it was quiet. (1:11:00-0:11:26) This helped me understand the importance of nature and how even though it is important to us we change a space with clutter and man-made objects.

We then looked at Heather Hanson who is an artist that is involved in performance and dance. Other artists have done what she has done but her work is a messy and less controlled process as previous artists.

heather.jpgHer work involves dancing while on the floor with paper underneath her. She uses charcoal in both hands and creates symmetry with movements. I loved the idea how she creates art using that automatic process and how every piece is different. We then had to make our own by sitting on the floor with charcoal and use all of our length to show our personal space. We created patterns using this method and keeping symmetry. I smudged mine as much as possible and in comparison to other work mine looked the most dark yet other people had the similar pattern that I had. This method can help me explore the use of scale. It also links with nature as it is a natural process of using automatic movements. If I were to use this I would make it even more controlled by linking it with nature by creating simple large flower designs.

floor work
Mine being the darkest and most smudged.

I took some photos of some flowers in my house that are a week old. I hope to take a picture each day as it slowly dies and make it into a time lapse or a small flick book which would interact with an audience more. With these I looked at the artist Margaret Berg who does flower designs.

one flower.jpg

I started by sketching from the picture I took then created some through a similar colour pallet as she does. Once I am done with the flowers I hope to press them and add them into the book. I chose to start in the A5 book as I feel even though nature is such a large scale that it needed to be more of a personal book, with my notes in there too. This also links to the thought that the connection to nature can be a form of meditation in a way, when you feel like you are daydreaming and have a personal bubble around you for personal space- away from everyone else.



I wanted to explore Totoro- a film in the Studio Ghibli Collection. This film used the idea of respecting land through myth and nature. The children essentially want the place to trust them. It in a way is a personal sanctuary. I feel this is how a nature reserve like wrabness should be respected. I do not think I could use this as real exploration other than the art style Hayao Miyazaki has which I admire.

studio ghibli.jpg
My Neighbor Totoro Book, A film by Hayao Miyazaki

I thought about how in the very first term we discussed people as objects and now I want to think about places as objects because that’s essentially how we use them. We use them to change a space to suite our needs through hand made objects- even something as simple as a picnic or to an estate of flats.

Going forward, I have started to consider other ways of exploring nature through; asking other people for opinions and questions about how they perceive it all. This would be out my comfort zone and challenging myself but also show how I have developed. The types of questions I would ask would be about walks from childhood to now- your perception and how you were brought up. Picnics; if you connect it with family or dates- how you imagine your perfect picnic, what is needed in a picnic. Also, their personal opinions of nature, as I know most people do not think about it as much. This could essentially be shown in a magazine format with pages on different interviews.


Week 1 (Workshops and Ideas) 24/3/2016

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