‘Space Invader’ 23/03/2016


To start our final major project off we were given the brief ‘Space Invaders’. We were given the requirements for the project and how it would be assessed. I understood that it enabled me to experiment with everything I have learnt over the past year.

For this project we have to react to a physical space and interpret it in a personal way. I wasn’t thrilled with the choice as I do not have many places that mean something to me, near me. For example, if my granddads house still existed I might have done it on that; as his house was very chaotic, unorganised and links with bad memories. I could have discussed change; how I used to want to visit him and wondered why I didn’t. Now I would never want to bump into him due to what he did. Although, I still could look at this idea with the atmosphere. I just wouldn’t have any photos of the house just photos that can describe what it was like. The fact I can no longer eat penguin bars because it reminds me of the house or how an apple tree and a greenhouse still reminds me of him. That project would have had a personal meaning to me but not give enough meaning to a wider audience.

I started to consider the places I go everyday- Home, Bus stop, the bus etc. Yet I found these places to not have much meaning to me other than routine. Then I thought about Wrabness. Wrabness was a place I went to since a young age and was dragged out on walks. I used to not like the idea of going there but as I got older I became more artistic and it got me into photography- which led onto this course. Not only this, but it connected me with nature which currently not many people do. I have many photos of the place and it has started to change over time with blocking off the beach for the animals. It also links with picnics that used to get me through the walk, knowing we were having one halfway through. I feel that this place is more personal to me and would help me do experiments with nature, picnics and about how we’ve adjusted ourselves away from nature into a more man-made world. The fact that it’s a nature reserve could help me link with how we still look after nature, yet we were the ones destroying it. I could experiment with scale, materials and mixed media and other techniques that I’ve previously been successful with.

During the open lecture tutors talked about their personal experiences with space. They explained that making it personal with emotional responses is important for your project. Aeron spoke about her home town and how it inspired her throughout her work. Even though most of her work is more about collectable pieces she also had some prints that interested me with stitching into pictures. Dave spoke about how he changed an environment for himself but ended up being a place that others could visit. The environment was originally an unsafe area but he changed it into a place people could feel safer.   This made me think about how people change areas to make them safer, not just for themselves but for animals and the environment its in.

To start this project I will look at the photos I have previously took and start sketching out the flowers and think about how I could use them in other ways. Also, I need to start thinking about a colour pallet for my patterns and to look at artists that use nature in their work. 

To improve my work I need to use consistency and start experimentation right away while using research that is important to me with a strong understanding of it. I need to constantly set my own goals and constantly compare my work to my original intentions for context. I still have to pin point what I want to express- whether it’s about the idea of needing nature or whether it’s about family and how the place connected me to art.


‘Space Invader’ 23/03/2016

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