Task 1

UNIT 9: Opportunities for Progression in Art & Design



Research 3 possible progression options using the links on Moodle, careers advice or a college prospectus (next level/ apprenticeship/ degree/ work/ voluntary work).

List the course title and level The entry requirements, experience and opportunities any financial implications.

Identify where you found this information i.e. website address, college prospectus

1. Graphic Arts Extended Diploma Level 3 Colchester Institute

Entry requirements: Application through Institute, Merit in Graphic Arts Diploma

·Experience and opportunities: Can lead to Animator, illustrator, graphic design and communication, branding, interactive design, advertising, printing, publishing and character games development.

· Financial implications: 16-18: Free

·Source: http://www.colchester.ac.uk/course/graphic-arts-ual-diploma-extended-diploma-level-3/
2. Apprenticeship

· Entry requirements: Pc literate, 5 GCSE’s English grade C or equivalent.

· Experience and opportunities: On completion could lead to becoming a Junior Designer

· Financial Implications: Travel costs

· Source: https://www.findapprenticeship.service.gov.uk/apprenticeship/705616
3. Norwich University of the Arts

· Entry requirements: 240 UCAS points Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at a Merit or BTEC National Extended Diploma at Distinction, Merit, Merit. A Portfolio, written submission and an interview.

· Experience and opportunities: Can take between 3 months and 1 year abroad or get work placements. Animation, Digital 3D, Digital Design, Digital Video Editing, Drawing, Etching, Fashion, Laser Cutting, Metal, Photography, Printed and Constructed Textiles, Printmaking and Photomedia, Sound, Wood.

· Financial Implications: £9000 per year

· Source: http://www.nua.ac.uk/badesignforpublishing/content/

Make a detailed comparison of the 3 courses or job vacancies researched.

You should discuss the entry requirements, experience you would gain, and its suitability for your career path.
Graphic Arts Extended Diploma Level 3 Colchester Institute would help me extend my knowledge on how I use research and link it to my work while using this for idea development. It can get me the UCAS points I need to go to university. This work would also help me build a strong portfolio for future employers to see.

The apprenticeship looks appealing but I rarely find one that matches my skill set or ensures me a career that I’d want in the future. Distance is also an issue as most apprenticeships are in places where it takes time to get there and I’d need a car. You are also not guaranteed anything at the end of it other than having something more on your CV. It would be great as an after university experience.

To do Norwich university I do not have enough UCAS points at this stage nor have a well put together portfolio of my work. However, this could give me time abroad and could give you work experience during second year. It also would give me experience in InDesign which most design apprenticeships ask for. It would develop my skills in a specific area including; book cover design, magazine design and booklet design. After this I could also still head down the graphic route.

Discuss your personal progression options. What course or job role would you like to progress to next year?

Explain your reasons for this choice? How do you think you are suitable for this choice?

Identify personal actions to achieve this route (i.e. qualifications to gain).
I would like to progress onto Graphic Arts Extended Diploma Level 3 as it would give me the experience I need as well as the grades. My other options seemed too risky at this point in time due to money, travel and generally do not have all the skills needed. Although, they would be worth considering the year after.

I feel I am suitable for this choice as it is the one route that challenges me to work at the best of my ability while being more focused on the process and not the outcome of my work. To do this I need to be successful with my FMP by always being up to date with my work with consistency throughout. I would try my hardest to get the grades I need and I’m always willing to try to learn new skills. This course would also lead onto a publishing or a graphic design undergraduate course which would help me specialize more in a specific area.

Task 1

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