I have found that using sound for our puppet show difficult. I have no sense of timing or rhythm. Yet, once looking at The Artist “Sound” shows that not all shows need music but sound effects. This is relevant as it shows fear with the use of simple sound effects. Without the video with it you wouldn’t be able to tell emotions from it until the end but still have an understanding that its a scene about somebody due to movements around the room. It is also relevant as it relates to the idea of my character being anxious about being judged. With the girls laughing it creates that effect. Our piece is more about a tribal element however so wouldn’t involve these simple sound effects. It has still helped me understand the usefulness of sound as an art especially if it’s surround sound it can make you have strong emotions to it. When I watched this film it pulls you in and makes you have more understanding of the person whereas something with music and voices can make you more distracted. The use of sound can show self identity as different people have different reactions to sounds based on memories and experience. If I were to make my own individual performance of my puppet I think I would base it on the idea of anxiety; following the feeling of judgement and how certain sounds can make you feel this. For example; getting off the bus can make a person feel anxious to the build up and feeling people are watching you and what if you trip up? Having a simple scene like this with sound would be effective. Even alongside a simple clip if I was to experiment further with sound.


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