Week 4 7/3/16

Tuesday afternoon I started to pick fabrics for my tails. I got some brown fabric for my character. I’d previously created some pattern designs as well as my design board. I started to stitch the fabric together and decided to use stitching for this tail with a pattern.

We then needed to make a backdrop which as a group we decided needed to have a tribal touch to it. We started by thinking about the relation to the title (insert title). From there we started with a dark sky into lighter to represent the sky and lake. We felt that it was too dark at the start and wasn’t well blended so we started to add pinks. Then, we felt that it needed some stars then developed this by changing the stars to hand prints.

Wednesday I painted the eyes yellow, black and red. This was the final step to making my hand puppet.

puppet final.jpg

Thursday we practiced our presentation. This didn’t go as well as I hoped due to it being out of time and unplanned. To improve this we need to practice as a group, decide what is going to happen. To help with this I will create a story board to make it clear.  I got some black fabric for my character. I started to stitch the fabric together and decided to use buttons and paint for this tail.

Over the weekend for development I made a face out of wire. However, it was cheap wire so bent easily. If I went for the wire with no colour it would have been hard to move easily and wouldn’t look as bright as I would have liked it. Although. if I had I could have used fabric.

Week 4 7/3/16

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