Week 3 24/2/16

This week we are looking at tails using colour, pattern, scale, simplification and layering using a variety of techniques. I started by making a colour palette through my research. We created this through mixing paints that linked with culture. Then we developed this by mixing enough paint to fit a A3 sheet of white paper.

colour pallet

This was helpful for me as I found it hard to mix the colours that I wanted which linked with my research. It also gave me a clear understanding on how I could use my research in a effective manner without imitating the image. This helped me think about how I could develop my design from my original colour palette that I created through 2 images I felt would be effective with the background myth of ‘Argus Panoptes'(extend on this?) . I struggled to mix enough paint to cover the whole of A3 so my design was patchy. I could solve this by using more than I feel I need to ensure I have full coverage of the same colour. In comparison to others, I felt that my colour palette should have been a wider range of colours due to mine being blues and greens, by creating more of yellows and oranges.

head designs

In the afternoon, we looked at how narrative could be made through images. I was given the title ‘Blues Brothers’ and made a narrative through scenes from the film. I looked at the selection on images and turned it into a story about two men looking for a manager to start a band, they find a manager and celebrate. Then they have a gig but after get into a car crash which kills both characters. We then printed these images in black and white and turned them into a book in a landscape form.

This is relevant to my project as it has helped me think more about the narratives of the characters I am making, while linking them with Native American culture. In comparison to others my theme wasn’t as challenging as the pictures I could google were effective. The next step is to complete the extension task of either doing another of my photography or doing a front cover. Although, I feel creating my own would be more challenging for me so would be the better option to go for.

On Wednesday, we had a opening lecture on how to create a design board for our puppets. We need to include our colour palette, patterns we wish to use with connections and samples of costumes. We went from looking at colour to interpreting it into pattern to help with my design board.  I started by looking at my colour palette and recreating this. Then, I looked at the patterns I previously sketched on tracing paper and tried to recreate them using my colour palette. Also, I still had work to do on my head of the puppet which involved sanding it down to make the surface smooth to paint on. Clay was also added to two of the eyes due to it being difficult to reach when painting onto.


The lecture helped me understand what I need in a design board and how I can link my ideas clearly through imagery; could include interaction through use of materials like buttons, stiches and textures. It also helped me understand how I could link my imagery to pattern- even though I did take pattern from the images I hadn’t thought about how I would create these- paint, print or materials. Nor about how I would link the colour with the tails as I have such a bright head I may have to adjust my palette to suit the head. This gave me a chance to think about how mine and Alice’s puppet would look like with my designs already started, I may need to plan more by making a design board for our puppet too.

pattern board.jpg


Overall, I feel that this week has given me a wider approach to looking at how I go about creating colour and pattern. As you can see through my sketchbook I had a simpler and quicker way of creating pattern and colour. Yet, now I can make more in depth choices and gain opinions of others when they look at my design board over the weekend. I hope to collect objects and materials that could be used for my puppet and see if I could use stitching techniques. To continue developing my heads I will think about using a colour wash technique to add for shading.

Week 3 24/2/16

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