Tuesday sound workshop 10/2/16

On Tuesday we looked at how music can tell a story. We first tried to identify sounds metrowithout knowing where it came from. We also talked about how sound could link with memories to create a visual. Before the visit to Firstsite I didn’t think of sound as an art form but this helped me do this workshop more open minded with its use. Sound can be used to connect with emotions like fear, happiness, and sadness. Yet, we conveyed mystery through the use of light sounds and a crescendo to create a dramatic feel to the piece. We looked at how we could use an instrument to create multiple sounds and link them with an emotion. I’ve never been very musical so doing the task of relating music to a story was difficult. Also I couldn’t find many ways of using the instrument yet it was useful for a powerful beat. This will be useful for my performance element. I could try to collect multiple sounds to have something as a starting point.


Tuesday sound workshop 10/2/16

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