Saturday/Sunday 15/2/16

I started this finger puppet on saturday with tape. I came up with this design through an amulet from the show Supernatural. I felt this was relevant to my project as amulets are known to have magical powers that give luck and a help of hand. So this is a mythical object. I wanted to do this as a finger puppet as I felt the details fit very well with what I wanted. Also, I wanted to keep it as a papier mache as it looks more personal and has the colours that I’ve found matched the images I’ve found with them being very colourful. I found that taping down the foil was an easier option for me and after a while it helped me more than gluing them down. I found that the hot glue didn’t stick down the foil as well as the tape did. I found it hard to shape the antlers I could solve this by using something as a base like foil and then instead of paper I’d use something like bubble wrap which would be more stern.

Saturday/Sunday 15/2/16

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