Tuesday Minories 9/2/16

For primary research we went to the minories, firstsite and Hollytrees. We started at the minories looking at Mark Scott-Wood’s work. When I first looked at it I thought about how it looked like Native American cross with Pagenism.

The work I liked most was his photographs of his sculptures put on large size pieces.

I felt that they gave it a modern touch in comparison to the other work presented. Also, I liked how he created the spray paint which gave off a magical touch to it with the overlaying of colours and how simple it was made. Another favourite was this one:

man with scenery.jpg

I felt that the use of 3D with the background gave it more narrative than the other pieces.

I feel as I’m looking at Native America I could use some of this work as inspiration.

We then went to FirstSite which I didn’t find as interesting but gave me some ideas on other ways I could create puppets.

flat 3D menPalem Puppet    The image on the left made me think about how, even though my 3D work isn’t my best, I could put a flat body into a 3D object. The Pelham puppet made me think how something simple like this could be interactive.

We then went to FirstSite exhibit which was called Listening. It made you more aware of how sounds can effect you and your emotions. Some of them made you feel uneasy. Also, I found that it enables you to create a good story tale from just sound. One of my favourites was Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller with their cabin box which was a couple yelling and someone getting shot creating an uneasy atmosphere as you cannot see clearly inside the box other than trees and a light of the cabin at the end.

cabin   Overall, I found that FirstSite was the most interesting as it helped me understand how sound could really be used as an art tool which I never considered before. Yet, the minories gave me some primary research which I could use towards my project.

Tuesday Minories 9/2/16

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