The Wendigo 17/02/16

It means ‘evil that devours’. They are a part of the Native American Folklore and are described as werewolf-like than human and they can’t use human voices. They were known to be human but forced to eat human flesh for survival so became this being. They’re also told to be gigantic, with glowing eyes, long yellowed fangs, claws and long tongues. Also, yellowish skin with matted hair and lives in caves, hills, trees and bushes.

I first heard of the Wendigo when watching Supernatural. You rarely got to see it’s face but it had human characteristics which made me think about how I could use this. I thought about the use of red eyes being blood shot and how distorted it’s face is. The fact it’s so human makes the viewer have more connection to the character while feeling fear due to it being because of survival which is an instinct we all have. In comparison to my first character, the Wendigo is more relatable.

SUPERNATURAL “Wendigo” (Episode #101) 
The Wendigo 17/02/16

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