Hubei Folk Shadow

A combination of plastic arts (folk art, door paintings, sculpture, paper cuttings and paintings) with performing arts. This is done through leather carved figures, projection with light.

I first heard about shadow puppets when watching The Karate Kid which I thought it was very traditional but a unique and beautiful way of story telling. Their methods involve the same factors an a finger puppet show- with a setting, music and characters. The music involves a range of live instruments that wouldn’t usually be played. Hubei Folk Shadow


The other time, and more well known, was in Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Pt 1 with the tale of 3 brothers. This one conveyed more mystery with a more modern touch on how you perceive it. There is no music but quiet sound effects as well as a storyteller. I prefer this personally but the traditional Hubei Folk Shadow relates more to my project in relation to the production of the show that we will create.


Hubei Folk Shadow

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