Hand Puppet 5/2/16

We started the session by looking at creating simple faces for puppets.

sketches face
I found it hard at the start to develop the different face designs but eventually got the hang of it. If I start creating different characters now I feel I could create some interesting puppets through narrative and myths. However, I need to include more culture in my work. I could approach this through the tails and have the head as the mythical characters.

From this, we looked at how we change angles through the image to help understand the way the 3D image would look.

final sketches

Then, I thought about how I could link this with my 2D work through my final piece. So I started to create a cloud like figure with multiple eyes.

Then I started to create the hand puppet. We
were told how to do this using tape, newspaper and a toilet roll tube. I found it hard to create the cloud like figure due to it having to be lumpy. I could’ve improved on this by making the face shape round then adding the lumps for the cloud like effect.

hand puppet



I tried doing another over the weekend by just looking at doing the face shape for my amulet demon.

amulet sketches






I think I will make others once I know how to create the details of the face. To make the eyes  I think I will make the eyelid stick out then paint to pupil onto this.






Hand Puppet 5/2/16

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