‘Mask Maker’ 3/2/16

On Tuesday, we were given the task to create a futuristic mask based on evolution in one million years time. We started of making sketches of the mask that came to mind when reading the scenario. My design looked more human than other approaches, who went along the lines of a ‘mutant being’. I decided to pair up with Lydia and created her ‘cat mutant’.


We then started to make the mask out of cardboard and card. We started this by looking at the shape of the face- I went with a larger version as relation to the scenario whereas Lydia stuck with a smile version.

building face

I found it hard to turn the drawing into 3D and have to conscious of how much time it takes to do something. Also, one of my main difficulties was to get it to stick the way I wanted it to.

We were then asked to create a character through thinking how it would move and walk. I felt that it would have a human body in a suit so would move very seriously in juxtaposition to the mask.

KEY WORDS: Disguise, character, simplification, sci-fi, narrative, identity, time-based.

cat face

‘Mask Maker’ 3/2/16

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