Frank 5/2/16

On Thursday we watched a film called Frank. I found his character to be very childlike, anxious and imaginative. The film started with a man who is a keyboard player who managed to get a part in a band due to the keyboard player trying to drown himself. They end up moving and working on an album. However, they run out of money to pay the rent so end up relying on the keyboard players money to support them. Through this they composed their first song yet wouldn’t use his work as it didn’t suite the style of the band. One of the members ends of killing himself while wearing Frank’s mask. Through the video’s the keyboard player has been posting, they became well known and manage to get a gig in America. However, Frank has an anxiety attack so Clara wants to take him home. The keyboard player refuses so Clara attacks the keyboard player and gets arrested. The band breaks up but he and Frank stick together to go on stage. However, Frank freaks out due to him not playing their music but his own. They end up staying at a small motel when his had enough, he has a go at Frank to take off his mask. Frank freaks out and runs into the road and gets hit by a car and runs away. The keyboard player then hunts Frank down and meets his parents who explain what happened to Frank. He then takes Frank back to the band to reunite them and he goes his own way. Frank is very expressive through his body language without saying much throFrankughout.
The music is very expressive to the character by composing through objects that are available to them at the time.

This made me think that I need to think about music more for my production and that a lot more time and thought goes into making the music. Also, it made me think about how I could develop my work by using a mask. I’m currently thinking of making a mask of an eye or a cyclopes.



Frank 5/2/16

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