Heads and Tails 3/2/16

On Monday, we talked about the brief and what we are doing for it. My first thoughts of the brief was that I liked the possibilities that you could go with the project. However, I feel uncomfortable when turning something 2D into 3D and just working in 3D in general. Before given the brief, with knowing that we were dealing with 3D and identity, I researched things I could relate to my work with- while also relating to my previous 2D work. I researched; eyes, dolls, puppets, head figures, doll parts and shadows. Then from this research I went to some charity shops and got some dolls, foam balls and wooden heads. From this I worked on a doll by removing its head and hair, took off the makeup and wanted to connect it with my final piece.




To do this I added a foam eye to the body and painted eyes onto it- this reminded me of a toy story style. Most people who have seen it, have had this reaction and have felt it was either creepy or liked it for the creepiness. The rest of Monday we were given the task to come up with a narrative through drawing of a face. This face had to have a neutral expression and be simple as with puppets they have simple expressions as they show emotion through kinetic movement.  We then exchanged a face with another and had to change parts of the face 10 times. I found this hard to do due to wanting to keep the character. Yet, I feel if I simplified it each time it would have made it easier for me by following Bruno Munari’s inspiration. We were then asked to draw 3 objects then exchange them with 3 others. My objects were an icecream, bow tie and lipstick. We worked in pairs to create a narrative about our characters with the objects given. We chose to write about a date as it fitted with the characters and objects. I found this task made it easier to understand narrative and how I can create a narrative from a character in a quick and simple way. To start exploring this I could start creating small simple characters with objects that could represent hidden identity. For working in pairs, me and Alice have discussed looking at the plague doctors from looking at Mark James Porter’s work as it can link with what I want to research and her work relating to loss of loved ones. I feel that if I do research on mythology in America as I’ve always had an interest in the subject since watching the TV show ‘Supernatual’. I have a book called ‘The mythology of supernatural’ by Nathan Robert Brown, who has done research on mythology, folklore, urban legends, ancient civilizations and world religions. I could use these as inspiration for my characters with the stories behind them.




Heads and Tails 3/2/16

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